National Museum

With the purpose of presenting both to the Aruban public and to the international visitor, the rich archaeological heritage of Aruba,the Archaeological Museum of Aruba (AMA) was established in 1981. Through the years, the AMA expanded its goals into becoming a leading research institution with important education.

In 1997 the Aruban Government bought the complex for the National Archaeological Museum project. In 2004 a financial agreement was signed with the European Development Fund and in 2006 restauration and construction work began on the monumental buildings and the new to build exhibition space.In December 2007 the key to the complex was delivered and the museum’s employees moved to the new location.The final design for the exhibit was completed in November 2007 and the permanent exhibit, financed by the Aruban Government and the Union of Cultural Organizations(UNOCA), opened in July.

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