Solar park Aruba supplies first electric power

The Solar Park on the Reina Beatrix International Airport in Oranjestad on Aruba recently supplied its first electric power to energy provider N.V. Elmar.

The panels are situated above the parking garage of the airport and the energy generated is sold to Elmar. The park was built by the Dutch company Pfixx Solar, in close collaboration with the Aruban companies Albo and Croon Caribe. The 14,400 panels together are expected to generate 3.5 Megawatt; this is enough to supply 1,500 average households. There was some delay before the park was commissioned but it is fully operational now. Apart from delivering green energy the canopies keep the parked cars in the shade, which is another advantage of the roof.

Croon Caribe was responsible for the installation and connecting the solar panels, inverters and junction boxes and also installed all lighting and CCTV.

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