Maintenance contract Dr. Horacio Oduber hospital

As per January 1, 2021, Croon Caribe and Stichting Onroerend Goed Aruba (SOGA) signed a  contract for the maintenance of the buildings and the technical installations of the Dr. Horacio E. Oduber Hospital.

For the coming years Croon Caribe will plan, coordinate, and execute preventive and corrective maintenance on all buildings and building related technical installations for the newly constructed bed tower (including Emergency Rooms), the medical office building, the central energy plant and the renovated part of the existing bed tower.

The operating theatres are still under construction and the renovation of the second half of the existing bed tower is planned for this year year. Once these buildings are completed and handed over, the mechanical, electrical and plumbing installations will also become part of the maintenance package contract between Croon Caribe and SOGA.

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