Safety and comfort

Prevention is better than cure. Malfunctioning installations can endanger your employees and the continuity of your organisation. Whether the problem is short-circuiting, fire, unsafe locations or working conditions which need to be changed: prevention is better than cure. Our tests and inspections guarantee your safety and comfort.

Qualified inspectors

Our inspectors carry out the inspections independently and link them, if required, to a preventive maintenance programme. We are specialists in monitoring all your organisations electrical facilities for NEN 1010 and local requirements for fire insurance. For high tension, low tension or emergency power companies: accuracy, right down to a tiny cable, a relay or a screw. Croon Caribe carries out inspections according to the Dutch standards (NEN). Thus Croon Caribe can guarantee that you comply with the required safety requirements for all electrical installations.

Special services

Other services in this field include thermographic inspection, energy performance analysis, condition monitoring, maintenance and inspection of fire alarm and evacuation systems, calibration and inspection of electrical (control) equipment. Our net analyses of your electricity networks are also unique. It is important to remember that these can be also be contaminated, placing connected equipment at risk. Croon Caribe, as the sustainable technology service provider, guarantees the safety of all your installations. At all times and in all places.