Commercial and residential projects


Croon Caribe is a technical contractor that has been active on the islands of the Dutch kingdom for over 25 years now. In this period, working in cooperation with the local authorities and the parent company in the Netherlands, experience and know-how were accumulated with the greatest care and commitment. Croon Caribe is known as a reliable and innovative technical contracting company with strong roots in the local community.


Croon Caribe, as the sustainable technology service provider, can be involved in each stage of the lifespan of a building: initiative, design, realization and management.
Our designs and installations are durable and energy efficient. Because our horizon reaches further than the building stage we search for the optimum technical solutions for each of an area's functions. Croon Caribe has a lasting answer to every question concerning communication, safety, climat control and building management.


The public sector is composed of suppliers of gas, water and light. Croon Caribe is a long term provider of technological services to the W.E.B. (Water & Energy Company) on the island. Croon Caribe contributes to the quality of the water purification (according to the World Health Organisation, the best quality in the world) and makes sure that the production of energy is realised as effectively as possible.
Our working methods, know-how, technologies and equipment demonstrate their added value from the point of view of sustainability. This repays itself in an optimum return.