Engineer HVAC - Aruba

23 Nov 2021

Job description:

  • Engineer HVAC installations;
  • Minimum of 5 years’ experience with AC systems on Aruba or in the Caribbean;
  • Is flexible and able to work on a wide range of projects, for a wide range of clientele;
  • Hands on, works as engineer, works on engineering, estimates, purchasing, planning, and in cost control in service and maintenance as well as in our project department;
  • Works independent and under the guidance of project managers.


Croon Caribe is a technical service provider that has been active in the region for more than 30 years.

During this time, working in close corporation with the local authorities and the parent company in the Netherlands, experience and know how were accumulated with care and commitment. Croon Caribe is known as a reliable and innovative technical contractor with strong roots in the local communities and strong backup from its parent company. The regional head office in Aruba employs approx. 70 people on a full time basis and is active in Industrial projects as well as in Commercial and Residential projects.
On the island of Aruba the service and maintenance department supplies a wide range of technical services, from data and automation to inspections and air conditioning.


  • Associate degree automation of technology or equal (HBO);
  • English is a must, Papiamento and Dutch a plus;
  • Experienced with working in project teams;
  • Independent, problem-solving attitude;
  • Arubans or people with a bond with the island are our preference.

What we Offer

Opportunities for professional and personal development and growth. Of course a good salary, tailored to the salary level of Aruba and the weight of the position.
A versatile work environment were people get the opportunity to show their technical and social qualities.


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