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A skilled team When you work for Croon Caribe, you work in a skilled team. Our workforce has a larger number of men than women. The average age is 37 years. Croon Caribe is an attractive employer for young people; employees between the ages of 16 and 30 are our fastest growing group. They form the basis for our continuity. To give you a picture of the Croon Caribe culture, here are some concepts, which are unwritten rules in our organization: open communication, respect for each other, being full of initiative, having the space to make your mistakes as long as you take responsibility and improve; the ability to place Croon Caribe's interest above your own individual interest; businesslike, pragmatic, customer-focused, problem solving behavior, and keeping our promises. This attitude enables us to develop ourselves and contribute to numerous prominent projects.

‚ÄčLearning is central

Learning from, by and with each other is a central theme within Croon Caribe. This philosophy enables us to remain an innovative and forward-looking organization. An organization which can handle its client's existing problems and the new technological opportunities superbly. We continuously invest in our skills for the future.

Active and intense training policy
For this reason, we are committed to an active, tangible training and development policy. This policy offers employers an abundance of opportunities. We ask our employees to grasp those opportunities and to actively focus on their careers. Each year, a large number of employees attend a training course, at every level, via Croon Caribe.

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Croon Caribe is recruiting to grow even more. Don't you find a fitting job on this page? Submit your resume with our online application form. We'll ensure a response.